Experience Digital

We build cost effective digital platforms, promoting your brand, reaching your customers - without costing the earth.

Professional and painless.

Professional Email and Web Hosting

We provide world class hosting facilities and the best email services available., ensuring reliability for your business.

No more yahoo or xtra email addresses

Digital Transformation Consulting

We provide a full range of ICT consulting services to digitise and transform business operations and accelerate your digital ambitions

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Small Business Digital Solutions

Transform your web, email and IT systems


Your cost-effective custom website.
Developed for your brand.


From Only $599


Managed Hosting
…backups, upgrades, monitoring, support and more… 


From $20 /mo


Email services with your domain name
No more xtra.co.nz or yahoo.com


From $2 /mo


Consulting Services
Digitisation and transformation of your small business using IT


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Why we do what we do...

At Digital Hive we believe every small business deserves the opportunity to be like a big business, to harness the power of technology – to be digital.

We believe that it doesn’t cost the earth to get professional web presence that represents YOUR brand and are passionate about delivering simple, effective digital solutions that generate opportunities to transform your business.

Why use Digital Hive?

Looking for a reason to use Digital Hive?  Check out the below reasons why clients choose us..

The End Result

Free website builders will get you online but are designed to upsell you to better designs.
Will free reflect your brand?

Consulting Services

We provide consulting on your IT needs and ensure your web presence is part of your digital strategy.


Dont get locked into custom platforms that require specialised code and licensing to extend. We only use WordPress to ensure long-term flexibility of functionality

Cost Effective

We provide simple and cost effective web, email and consulting services to fit your budget.

Complete Solution

We make it easy by providing all your web and email hosting in one package. A complete solution end to end.
Leave it to the experts.

Personal Service

We are a small, personal agency offering transparent and customised services - not a large faceless corporation.

Contact Us Now

Not sure where to start?

Get in touch with us now and we can lead you through the process.

Our recommended approach is to start with a basic consulting engagement, where we discuss your objective, working environment and get to know your business.

From there we can provide a number of cost effective options to launch your digital footprint.