Free Website Upgrade for Digital Hive Customers

At Digital Hive I am always looking to provide more value for clients through upgrade and features – this is just part of what we do.

By working with our partners we have been able to bring your website faster speed but also have brought hosting closer to your customers by switching our primary location from Singapore to Sydney.

Website Upgrade Free of Charge


What does this upgrade mean for me?

All our websites come with advanced web caching as standard which keeps the speed for your users on the front end fast.  This change will also improve the performance of the website back end – particularily when making changes to your site.  This is especially useful for eCommerce websites where a large portion of time is spent managing orders and products in the back end.


So what next?

If you are seeing any issues with your website at all please contact me on [email protected] but otherwise feel free to share this post and or tell your friends how we might also be able to help them with their small business website.