Why A Website Is Vital For Business Success

For small business owners the idea of creating a website is most likely just a tick box in the journey of setting up your business.  However your website is part of your brand and identity and serves a valuable medium for legitimising your business and making it a success.

Savy, modern customers do their research online and without a professional looking website, a small business owner may be deemed “not serious” about the customers they service.  Regardless of how your website ranks in Google its important that customers can find your piece of “internet real estate” – digital equivalent of your bricks-and-mortar business – to confirm that you are a legitimate business.

However, creating a website for your business can be one of the most confusing experiences of any business owner’s life. This is even more the case when your budget barely stretches day-to-day and the concept of hiring a “web designer” is so far down your list of priorities it doesn’t even register.


So its not all bad news, in fact its the opposite.  Developing your digital real-estate can be started for pennies on the dollar.  But be wary as the wrong approach could cost you thousands – so where to start?


First step to success

In my opinion its as simple as this; get some advice – talk to someone who can advise you on the best approach for the parameters of your business.  Spending too much up front on a flashy design or template you have found online without thinking through your digital strategy can throw money down the drain.


For some businesses it may make sense to develop a cheap or free website (I would almost 100% of the time advise against this).  For others there will be a commanding argument to utilise services like Shopify (particularily for selling simple products) or Squarespace for basic websites.  Alternatively there may be some who recommend yo invest thousands on a custom built contraption that only they have the “secret-sauce” for.


My recommendation?  Invest time with someone you trust to guide you on the journey.  Ensure they can provide the right level of ongoing support.  This is important because your website needs to be regularily maintained and updated in order to retain relevancy.  And dont forget social media – the integration between your website and social media is as important as ever.


The Plug

It goes without saying at Digital Hive we can provide you the right advice and enforce the above principal of balancing investment vs. reward.  We can help you navigate the social media maze and we only work with open platforms that means you will never create an expensive “ark”.  Get in touch and we can help you on your journey – whether you have started and are struggling or just starting out and ready to strangle someone!


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